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It is our pleasure to deliver and install your new countertops in just one day. We will tear out your existing countertops, disconnect your plumbing and electric if necessary, make the needed adjustments on your cabinetry and install the new countertops. We will reconnect the sink, faucet and cooktop, install backsplash and clean the area where we worked. The lead installer will review the installation with you he will answer any questions you may have.


Contact Custom Kitchen today to arrange an appointment and we'll promise to complete your kitchen remodeling in just one day!



*95% of our jobs, can be and are installed in a single day. From a couple of hours up to a full working day. However, there are situations when our team need to come at your site the second day. These situations include but are not limited to a job bigger than 100sqft, weather conditions that influence the installation of tiles and splash and other unseen preexisting conditions such as unleveled cabinets, plumbing leaks or electrical defects. 

If we do not have these situations, and still, we will not finish the remodeling in a single day, we will give you a free sink.